Engage in a super sexy warm up then learn an extra naughty pole dance with sexy walks, sensual rolls, tantalizing transitions and fiery floor work! You will also learn Pole Dance Fitness which includes climbing, spins and transitional dance. A combination of transitional dance, climbs and spins will be taught to create simple and sensual routines. These classes are about you… strengthening, toning, learning, discovering and challenging yourself in new ways.


Just beginning or need a refresher? Walking, basic spins, turns, and poses and an infusion of rhythmic dance moves are taught. Please wear your shortest shorts and leave your inhibitions at the door. Heels are optional. No prerequisites.


Let’s get physical! Focus is on building muscle in your abs, legs, and upper body. We will concentrate on your core and work your obliques, calves, triceps, and biceps. Squats, lunges, and lifts. Incorporate and practice basic spins. Please wear shorts. Heels are optional. No prerequisites.


Wanna play? In this class we will explore fluidity of movement, through floor work, beginner to intermediate tricks and a variety of other sexy moves. Prerequisites: Pole Intro, Pirouette, beginner spins. Please wear shorts and bring knee pads. Heels are optional.


Know your way around the pole? We’ll focus on building on the basic spins and strengthening through various grips and holds. You will learn climbing, one-handed & faster spins, short routines, transitional moves, and basic inversion. Prerequisites: Pole Intro/Strength, Pirouette, beginner spins. Please wear shorts and bring grip aids. Heels are optional.


Up, up & away! We’ll work on getting off the floor and up the pole! This includes different climbs, inversions, shapes, tricks, and handsprings. We’ll learn variations and combos suitable for intermediate skill levels, so everyone can have something they can be proud to post on the ‘Gram.’ Prerequisites: Pole Intro, Pole 2, Must be able to climb, pole sit or invert. Don’t forget your grip aids!


No fancy tricks here! This choreography based class focuses on the art of exotic low flow. Designed as a means to establish your own unique style, while seamlessly executing transitions and floor work. Grab your sexiest outfit and get ready to tap into your sensual side. Shoes are encouraged but not required. Prerequisites: Must understand the mechanics of a Pirouette and be familiar with beginner level spins (i.e. Around the World Spin, Hollywood Spin, Martini Spin, etc).


A little bit of everything! Incorporate a mix of intro and intermediate pole moves that you have learned and/or mastered. We’ll create short combos from all heights of the pole. All levels are welcome. Wear shorts and bring grip aids. No prerequisites.