The HOTTEST fitness studio for women, 5010 Brown Station Road, Unit 185, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772.   Not your everyday-typical gym, GirlFit has it all! We offer a revolutionary approach to fitness that blends fun with a serious workout for long-term results.  Our programs work on different aspects of your overall fitness including muscle tone, agility, flexibility, energy levels, body mass improvement, and so on.  We want you to stay committed to your fitness goals.  Our diverse fitness programs will keep you interested in exploring new ways to keep your body fit and healthy.

At GirlFit, you can choose from various exercise programs according to your preference, interest, endurance level, and fitness goals.  We offer a variety of programs ranging from exotic fitness, and Zumba to yoga and boot camp. We offer many other programs throughout the year so you can enroll in a new program any time during your current fitness program.

Your passion, discipline and commitment are what will ultimately decide whether you attain your fitness goals. We take care of the rest by offering access to the best professional trainers in the field, the most effective fitness equipment, and a positive environment. Join us to embark on the most fruitful and satisfying personal journey that will improve not only how others view you but also how you view the world.

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